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Waimānalo (Hawaiian pronunciation: [vɐjmaːˈnɐlo]) was the name chosen by Jay Norwood, who spent many of his early years growing up in Hawaii. In the Hawaiian language Waimānalo means "potable water" (drinking water); for the many fresh water ponds that were used for irrigation in the village area of Waimānalo, Hawaii.


Just like agriculture, organizations need proper irrigation to flourish. The irrigation of innovation, ambition, skill, strategy, and knowledge to help define the future. We operate with the "The Aloha Spirit", our mind and heart as one in all that we do. Jay loves helping people and he loves business.

Founded in 2023 in Columbus, Ohio, Jay Norwood is a wise and experienced advisor to help your organization reach unprecedented levels. His strength comes from decades of real world work experience in numerous industries. "Book smarts and street smarts" are a combined strength at Waimānalo.

Waimānalo Consulting LLC is a privately-owned single-member consulting company that leads with professionalism and knowledge that knows no bounds. Jay Norwood's passion is great and his energy is unwavering. He has a passion for breaking barriers and helping steer organizations through storms both long and short. 

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“The greatest danger facing us is ourselves, it's an irrational fear. But there's no such thing as the unknown – only things temporarily hidden, temporarily not understood.”

Why Choose Waimānalo?

Waimānalo is not an uptight firm. We're friendly, practical, and understanding. We're great listeners. We're always there for you. Our years of expertise and skillsets make us a premier brand in consulting. We're passionate, creative, and knowledgeable in all that we do. Let Jay Norwood be your enterprise consultant.

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