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Join the Waimānalo Mystery Shopper Program As a Shopper

Mystery shoppers make a positive difference by helping businesses like retail stores, restaurants, cinemas, and more become better places for consumers like you to visit.


Are you interested in becoming a mystery shoppers? Want to earn extra income?

Waimānalo mystery shoppers, also known as "secret shoppers", work as Independent Contractors. We will offer assignments. It's your choice to accept or not to accept an assignment since you are an Independent Contractors. In order to become a mystery shopper, you will have to complete our application after you contact us via the below form. We will then send an invitation within 72 hours for you to complete our Mystery Shopper application.


If you do not receive an invitation by 72 hours of submission, please e-mail us:

Who We Are

Waimānalo Consulting LLC is an enterprise consulting firm headquartered in Columbus, OH. We also operate our own Mystery Shopper program as part of our mission to help organizations grow and thrive.

Request A Mystery Shopper Application

Please allow 72 hours for a response.

Thanks for submitting!

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