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On Site Mystery Shopping

Improve Sales, Brand, and ROI

Services Available:
On-Site Mystery Shopping 
Telephone Mystery Shopping

Waimānalo has it's own mystery shopper system. We can build a team of intelligent and unbiased mystery shoppers that will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. We will have shoppers for you that are smart and well-trained to understand your business. We can conduct mystery shops across hundreds or even thousands of your locations so that you get a true understanding of what your customers are dealing with at specific locations.

  • Understand customer to employee interactions

  • Understand your opportunities for improvement

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your training programs

  • Get a strategy to improve your operations

  • Monitor results

Every organization that has customers should have a mystery shopper program. It is a pivotal tool to better your operations and increase customer satisfaction, which leads to increased revenues.

• Unhappy customers are likely to tell 5 to 7 times as many people about their experience as satisfied customers.

• For every customer who complains about a small problem, about 50% don't say anything.

Why Team Up With Waimānalo?

We specialize in the channels of retail, restaurants, cinema, amusement parks & entertainment venues, automotive, and more.

Continued Guidance

Throughout the mystery shop program, we will help you analyze the data and provide feedback which is crucial to maximizing results.

Customized Mystery Shop Program

We will tailor the program to your needs so that you have everything you need to understand the needs of your business.

Mystery Shop Pricing

  • Rates depend on the size of service agreement (how many locations), site geographic location, and mystery shop reporting details.

For Businesses and Organizations

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Waimānalo Mystery Shop Program

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